ETOPS boklansering


Boklansering av Yngve Holens Extended Operations.

You are a piece of meat. You are flesh. A piece of meat is boarding a flight. It´s not chicken. You are not a bird. The thought of flying should be nerve-wracking, yet it is part and parcel of your contemporary existence. An existence that insists on filtering external input through your low-grade sensory perceptors, while you strive to add higher definition to your life.

-Geir Haraldseth

Bli med på lansering av Yngve Holens Extended Operations Søndag 22.September på ProQM.

Extended Operations was published on the occasion of Holen’s exhibition of the same name at Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway. The catalog, designed by Per Törnberg in collaboration with Holen, takes on the guise of an inflight magazine and features a collection of images of air travel culled from Instagram, an interview with an anonymous pilot and contributions by independent curator and writer Agatha Wara and the director of Rogaland Kunstsenter, Geir Haraldseth.

Extended Operations and the accompanying acronym ETOPS, relates to the regulations concerned with the maximum distance a plane can travel, allowing twin-engine planes to travel trans-Atlantic distances. This little known fact has had an incredible impact on our contemporary society, and similar changes in technology and our use of technology is part of Holen’s interests. In this particular project the focus is on the airline industry and how information is transported, the impact of technology on our everyday lives, and the materials developed to envelop our fleshy vessels and transport us through the air.

Appropriate tomato-based alcoholic drinks will be served as refreshments.