Fra biblioteket

Vår praktikant Ananda Serné har tilbrakt høsten 2016 i biblioteket. Der har hun katalogisert, registrert og merket bøker og her presenterer hun et utvalg gjort for januar 2017:

Five intuitive picks from the library


Keren Cytter: A-Z Life Coaching

Sternberg Press, 2016


In the Shadow a Shadow: The Work of Joan Jonas

Gregory R. Miller & Co., 2015


Valentinas Klimašauskas, B and/or an Exhibition Guide In Search of Its Exhibition

Torpedo Press, 2014


Martin Kohout (Ed.), Sleep Cures Sleepiness

TLTRPreß, 2014


Christian Jankowski: Magic Circle

Christoph Keller Revolver Verlag, 2004


It might be the aftermath of freshly brewed new year’s resolutions, but to me these books seem to offer an abundance of unusual solutions to all sorts of things. What these books have in common is that they – in a somewhat fantastical world – could all be self-help books in one way or another:


  • Keren Cytter’s A-Z Life Coaching is written from the middle and promises to uncover ‘the most essential guidelines and wisdom for life’. The title is also straight from the self-help section


  • The wonderful works of Joan Jonas can function as a magnificent cure at any time.


  • In the chapter A Few Possible Suggestions for an Exhibition Guide, Valentinas Klimašauskas describes through the voice of a young artist and her geologist grandfather an exhibition that is always with you; ‘a story about an ideal spectator who creates his/her own ideal exhibition’. Improving yourself through exhibition making!


  • In Sleep Cures Sleepiness, Petra van Brabandt speaks of the reproach many of us feel towards laziness and how we could make the world a better place by allowing ourselves to be lazy.


  • Lastly, any inventory of make-believe self-help books should contain at least one eerie magician, here in the form of Christian Jankowski.