Rogaland Kunstsenter is looking for a candidate for Aspirant­ordningen

Rogaland Kunstsenter (RKS) is looking for potential candidates to apply for the “Aspirantordningen” programme offered by Kulturdirektoratet. The aim of this initiative is to recruit professionals in the arts and culture sector from different ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as those with disabilities, with the goal of to combating structural discrimination by increasing access to employment opportunities.

We are interested in identifying a candidate who could benefit from this fellowship, while helping us to strengthen our dissemination and communication strategies, particularly in relation to our programmes and our extensive library. We are seeking a candidate who can assist us in optimizing our exhibition dissemination and communication efforts, as well as contribute to our skills enhancement, knowledge development, and dissemination activities. This includes activating our extensive library resources. The ideal candidate will benefit from this fellowship while supporting us in refining our strategies for communicating our programs, exhibitions, and the wealth of resources available in our library.

The grant will be used to cover the trainee’s salary.

The application for the grant will be submitted by RKS in collaboration with the candidate and must reflect the candidate’s career aspirations. 

Candidates must have completed a course in arts and cultural education or have equivalent experience, including administrative, production and organisational work. They must not be enrolled in relevant training courses at the same time as the planned internship.

Trainees must be resident in Norway with a valid work and residence permit, with the company responsible for complying with immigration regulations.

Deadline of the application to Kulturdirektoratet is the 7th of May.

1. Aspirant­ordningen – kulturradet.no (kulturdirektoratet.no)
2. Forsøksordning for aspiranter med funksjonsnedsettelser – kulturradet.no (kulturdirektoratet.no)
3. www.rogalandkunstsenter.no

Get in touch with us by April 29th. Send your CV and a motivation text (English or Norwegian) to
Carlos Correia (carlos@rogalandkunstsenter.no) with cc to post@rogalandkunstsenter.no