27.06.24 - 2024-09-15

Utstilling: Listen to the City / Lytt til byen

Listen to the City / Lytt til byen

Åpning: torsdag 29. august kl. 18.00-20.00

Utstillingsperiode: 30. august – 15. september

About the exhibition
Seoul based art and urbanism collective Listen to the City will bring concerns and a sense of solidarity to protect urban diversity and history in Stavanger.

This exhibition brings together grassroots feminist insurgent urbanism to question neoliberal development and governance. We will share knowledge and thoughts on Stavanger’s urban gentrification and displacement.

This exhibition includes the civic engagement workshops in Stavanger, Seoul, and Stavanger and Seoul gentrification information graphics, gentrification map, and short interviews on Stavanger’s gentrification, International Anti-gentrification alliance website (including DIY urbanism toolkit). Through those intense works, we want to address that gentrification is a global-local issue and needs detailed solutions from citizens’ voices.