Photo by Mayowa Lynette
Photo by Mayowa Lynette

Mandag 6. august 

Kl 19.00

Screening av Muttererde av Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor’s multi-voice video project follows the matriarchal lineages of five black femmes. Muttererde calls for femme forms of ancestral history in the face of the often interrupted historical knowledge of the African diaspora in Europe and elsewhere. What are rituals, teachings and abilities passed on from our matriarchs? How do these inherited skills serve us or inhibit us today? The conversations with six black femmes on the knowledge and non-knowledge of their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and as far back as the knowledge carries them create a rich and powerful archive. In collaboration with filmmaker Astrid Gleichmann. Featuring the stories of Camalo Gaskin, Tobi Ayedadjou, Niv Acosta, Natalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro and Fannie Sosa. Supported by the Decentralized Cultural Work TempelhofSchöneberg, District Kunst und Kulturforderung Berlin and A Prima Vista Filmproduktion.